We're on a mission to explain. We want to help you to reach out to your customers, prospects, staff, stakeholders...whoever is important to your operation. Explainer videos are the most cost-effective tools that you can use.



Chris Ring is Head of Hannon Digital Video. He combines creativity in explainer video script and storyboard execution with an extensive client-side marketing experience that is of great benefit to you. Chris empathises with your needs and ensures that each video we make adds value to your business or organisation.

He heads a select team of hand-picked animators, writers, voiceovers and musicians who together will deliver a professional and memorable result, at a competitive cost. See how we work - explaining what Hannon Digital is all about - and showing our clients off to their best advantage…


Our 2D animated video prices are transparent: and very competitive by professional standards. You pay:

<=30 sec

31-60 sec

61-90 sec

91-120 sec

121-180 sec


Elements you would like in your video (If Known):

Approximate maximum length desired:

Why Use Explainer videos?

Everyone needs video in their business life. This is one area in which the UK lags (slightly) behind the USA, where back in 2012, 76% of marketers planned to add video to their websites, setting this objective above their Facebook and Twitter campaigns in importance. And B2B operations are leading the way, with 73% already using videos in a 2013 survey.

A Nielsen study from the UK showed 64% of marketers expecting to put video upfront in their strategy. And by coincidence, 64% is also the proportion of internet traffic that is already video material. It is the future - and in the present, at least one-third of operations are not taking advantage of it. Let us make good that omission…

Others will have dipped in their toes and been disappointed due to poor creative execution or low production values. We can rebuild your faith in video…

Bear in mind that over 20 million Britons already watch one or more online videos a week. You may not be able to get your brand onto TV - but you certainly can afford to get it onto YouTube, social networks and of course your website.

Explainer videos work for you in many ways:

Introducing new concepts

Selling goods, services, memberships

Raising awareness and funds

Training sales and service staff

Being video brochures

Showing customers how their product works

Providing troubleshooting tips

Answering FAQs

All we need is your brief, and we’ll explain to you what we can do.

Examples Of Our Work

Whatever the subject, we try to add creativity and fresh insight to the execution. Here are some of the videos we have produced. Note the differing techniques, voices and music that we use according to the needs of the client.


We found working with Hannon Digital a great experience from start to finish, in helping us develop a short video for our services as part of a business to business event. They took a detailed brief from us, teasing out what we wanted to say and how to say it, reading between the lines. They created a clear script and storyboard for the animation and worked with us to refine it and align it until we were happy with the result. We found them to be highly insightful and professional in their approach to us as customers. They used their expertise well to shape and compliment our vision. We would have no hesitation in using their services again and recommending them to others, particularly those who are new to working with animation as a marketing, or business tool.

Alison Kilduff –
Founder, Plum Consulting

It has been a great pleasure to work with Chris and his team to put together this short animation video for our staff awards programme. The whole process was much easier than anticipated because they took time in the first instance to understand our brief and our vision for the video. Even when we had to make a few changes towards the end, the turnaround was quick and creative, going beyond our expectation. The animation is a big hit! And I won’t hesitate to use Hannon Digital again for future projects.

Farrella Ryan-Coker -
Head of HR, Guinness World Records Ltd.

Very straightforward to deal with, they immediately grasped the need and came through with great creative – first class!

Warren G. Langley –
CEO, Scotwork Asia


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