What is The DLTT?

The Digital Leaders Think Tank is a round table discussion based forum for leaders in Marketing, Communications and Digital. The meetings are in groups of 16 people and are focussed on present topics. The Chatham House rule applies and the attendees speak openly with their peers about challenges to which most of the attendees contribute an opinion or a proposed solution. It’s a good family to be a part of if you are a business leader affected by business challenges that can be impacted by the Internet and online communication.


Who should attend?

Individuals with the responsibility to lead and develop functional areas and business units that are required to use digital technologies and strategies to drive their business forward and achieve goals. If you use digital technologies to achieve internal or external goals, you can benefit from attending DLTT sessions.


Format of the DLTT

This open exchange of ideas enables participants to discuss and debate ideas amongst their peers within the industry during a two hour ‘think tank’.  The individual events are knitted together by an invitation only LinkedIn group enabling ongoing contact and access to a wider network who have all participated at events. The issues and topics discussed are tabled by attendees prior to each event to ensure that relevant issues are addressed.  The three hour think tank is divided into two sessions with plenty of opportunity to talk to and network with the members.

Our attendees