In-house Digital Marketing people – The Latest Cost

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Earlier this year, my company (Hannon Digital) made a video about what it really costs to engage a Digital Marketing Manager in London. The base salary figure was £35,000, based on an average figure from published sources, which use advertised posts.

So looking at late 2016, how has that changed?

Well, it’s interesting to see just how it varies according to the title that you give the job and the implied seniority and technical ability.

Based on figures available at, this is how it looks –

‘Digital Marketing’ (i.e. all jobs in this category):
Average £37,500.
Because this is an overall figure, it masks some important variations according to who you work for.
Agency/media/marketing people are numerous and so their average of £37,500 heavily influences the total. There is always heavy competition for agency jobs, so they can pay lower starting salaries. And more importantly than that, a lot of their trainees/graduates are included in the data, and they get just £25,000 on average.

If we want to truly compare the cost of an in-house hire with the digital outsourcing option, we need to look at what client companies need to offer. There the story is different. Look at these sector averages:
Retailers/wholesalers £47,500
Sales operations £42,500
Banking/Insurance/Finance £42,500
So we can confidently say that the basic cost of an in-house Digital Marketing hire for a London-based client firm is around £45,000.

‘Digital Marketing Manager’

This obviously presupposes a more senior role, possibly having some reports in to the person.
Hence the average rises from the overall £37,500 to £45,000. We do not get a agency/client sector breakdown but we do get a separate figure for the City of London, where the figure rockets to nearly £64,000. This may be a one-off figure but it indicates how high some firms have to go to hire a qualified person.

‘Online Marketing Manager’

Change one word, and you get an average of £42,500, with jobs being advertised between £37,500 and £47,500.

‘SEO Manager’
This different way of describing a Digital person generates a high average of £47,500.

‘Search Manager’

Another descriptor, and this averages nearly £55,000.

If you counter my figures by saying that London is a hothouse and that elsewhere is much more affordable, then let me tell you that on the overall Digital Marketing average it is not the most expensive place.

London overall: £37,500
Milton Keynes: £40,000
Reading: £32,500
Bristol: £32,500

So once you take into account the extra weighting for client jobs, outside London (and Milton Keynes) you are still likely to be paying northwards of £40,000 for a Digital Marketing Manager with some experience under his or her belt.

The Other Option

You may ask what the alternative is – surely London digital (or conventional) advertising agencies are very expensive and are unaffordable as an outsourced option for most firms, especially in the B2B sectors where budgets are tighter? That is perfectly true.

It is for this reason that I chose to create a new model of full-service digital consultancy, where we could afford to supply excellent service, with face-to-face interaction with clients in the UK, and our own fully-employed, excellent team of graduates and digital specialists in Mumbai and Johannesburg supplying the day-to-day, 24 hour services such as –

• Website development
• Pay-per-Click advertising
• Social Media Management
• Design (including Infographics)
• Content research and writing

For the best way to understand how this makes perfect sense, I recommend you visit our explainer video (another of our in-house services) here.

But just as a teaser, take it from me that the basic cost of a Digital Marketing person – add £10k to our original figure, to take it to £45k – actually balloons to more like £68,000 in Year 1 once you add in all the unavoidable ancillary onboarding and other oncosts of that individual. Who then gets on the phone to digital agencies to do all the heavy lifting – and if that is a conventional agency, you are looking at a further £128,000 for the equivalent of what Hannon Digital offers – i.e., 7 people on your account covering all the specialist requirements, and providing 364 person hours a month.

And our cost? Just £48,000 per annum. Of course, we can work with your inhouse digital marketing person – but in most cases, clients opt to dispense with that hiring, and entrust the whole package to us. You can easily try us out – we don’t expect a long contract. Just give us one month’s notice: that’s how confident we are that you will value our services.

Let’s talk digital today and see how we can help you.