Jan 22, 2016

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  • Jan 22, 2016
    A Masterclass with Colm Hannon –Don’t Miss this Opportunity!
  • A Masterclass with Colm Hannon –Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

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    Digital marketing expert and the founder & CEO of our company, Colm Hannon will be conducting a Masterclass on ‘Defining and communicating your own personal brand online’, as a part of the Guardian’s Masterclass series. These classes are aimed at anyone interested in personal or professional development.

    Harnessing the expertise and specialisms within the organisation, our courses are led by first class and award-winning Guardian professionals, whilst also drawing on the skills and expertise of other leading figures at the forefront of the creative and digital industries”

    – The Guardian

    Colm’s extensive experience in the digital marketing world makes him an expert in helping companies leverage the power of social media and digital technology. He has been instrumental in helping several companies rise to success in the digital sphere. His commitment to better digital communication, brand management and ability to help companies transform their digital presence, are only a few examples of his vast skill-set. He is also a specialist trainer in personal and professional branding and in LinkedIn profile development.

    Colm has conducted extremely successful training sessions for various organisations, including The Officer’s Association, The ‘Life after Rugby Programme’ and ‘Help for heroes’. He has helped Officer’s transitioning out of the services, to leverage the power of LinkedIn in connecting and communicating with other professionals. The training sessions at ‘Help for Heroes’ have focused on providing guidance to injured soldiers, looking for a fresh start to their careers.

    Colm is extremely approachable and creates an atmosphere for learning that is contagious. Each session is interactive and infused with enthusiasm!

    When I retired from international and professional rugby and was moving into business, Colm Hannon provided one to one training to help define my personal brand. This has proved invaluable when communicating my transferable skills from rugby to business. – Abi Chamberlain Success Manager at ProFinda

    At the Masterclass this Sunday, Colm will help you understand the importance of building a powerful personal and professional brand online.  He will talk about how you can improve your online presence; from creating a striking LinkedIn profile, to communicating your professional identity successfully. You can expect an exciting and engaging session!

    “One-to-one training, meetings and online training material allowed me to build an understanding of my interests and expand my network accordingly. I would highly recommend Colm for those wishing to realize and enhance their personal branding and use of social media. – Keith Taylor Chief Operating Officer at F3GROUP

    There’s no doubt that a positive online presence is extremely relevant in our fast-paced, digitally dominated world. The image of your company is largely represented by your employees and their professional identities. And, most professionals will agree that a majority of job-hunting and recruitment takes places online. The first thing any hiring manager does when assessing your CV, is ‘Google’ you. As the saying goes, “What happens on social media, stays on Google forever.” You want to be sure you’re getting it right. Colm Hannon can help you achieve that.

     “This course is part of an inspirational weekend focusing on how to make a living doing what you love.” – The Guardian

    online marketingCome join us if you’re looking to advance your career opportunities this year or simply want to know more about the digital world and how best to utilise it to your benefit.

    We hope to see you there. For more details, click here.