Top 10 Digital Articles of 2015

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Now that the Holiday madness is behind us, here is a run-down of our Hannon Digital articles that most impressed you in 2015: and like last year, we aim to bring you regular reports from the B2B Digital Frontline all through the coming months.

10. LinkedIn – To Pay or Not to Pay?

(June 18)

If you just passively let your free subscription tick over, you are missing big business opportunities. Find out why, and what you can do about it.

9. Do you need to add words to your AdWords?

(Oct 9)

A useful primer on how to maximize the return on this most important of digital ad media.

8. Could Facebook become extinct?

(May 15)

This is a seemingly ludicrous notion but remember that we thought Blackberry, MySpace and Palm were unassailable in their markets. See how the social media game is changing – fast…

7. The cost of recruiting marketers – Will Talent Out?

(Feb 6)

We look at the true costs of hiring an in-house digital marketer and compare and contrast with our outsourced, comprehensive Social Media Management service.

6. Meet the New Ad Boss – the BBC?

(Jan 7)

Proving that you can’t beat a good old’un, Aunty Beeb dominates the digital download sphere. Learn about B2B advertising opportunities as iPlayer changes in 2016.

5. You need Explainer Videos – FACT

(Oct 1)

Whether on social media or on your website, video is the new ‘must have’ and it is a sure-fire way to get consumer engagement. We’ll show you how it’s done.

4. Social CRM – What B2B Customers Actually Want

(Jan 30)

We remind you that consumers look for ’tangible value’, not ‘virtual intimacy’. To deliver, you need to integrate your in-house and digital data and systems.

3. What is this thing called Programmatic Buying?

(June 15)

If you have to admit you don’t really know, you are like three-quarters of marketers. It’s important – and we’ll get you up to speed with what it means.

2. Politicians in Social Networks

(July 28)

You may recall that we had an election, and digital media played its biggest-ever role. We analyse the social networking skills and failures of the main parties, with surprising results that hold lessons for all marketers.

1. Digital Jargon and Acronyms – Deconstructed

(Aug 31)

We all get caught up with our own technical shorthand, and forget that not everyone shares our obsessions. This A-Z prompt article really struck a chord, so it seems we all need a little reminder of what we’re all talking about…