LinkedIn and Lynda in first joint promotion

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I was very intrigued to see what LinkedIn would do with its new and expensive ($1.5 bn) acquisition,, back in April. I speculated about the possibilities in an article at the time and suggested that we watch this space.

Well, we have not had long to wait. Like other LinkedIn members, I have been encouraged to take up a free trial of Lynda’s services. For those of you that have not picked up on these (as they are better known in North America than the UK) they consist of a library of curated online courses in a range of topics.

Social Media Training

Attribution error

When I looked at their offerings a couple of months back I was struck by the emphasis on IT and design, and the relative paucity of general business subjects that might appeal to my clients, as a B2B digital services supplier. Well I thought, either there has been a new drive to swell the all-important business category or they have been renaming some categories or both, because the LinkedIn promotional material lists these numbers of courses (I have rounded the video tutorial figures): and they show them in this order –

  • Business & Professional Development 749 courses, 29k v-tutorials
  • Web Design & Mobile App Development 1013 courses, 40k v-tutorials
  • Marketing & Branding 88 courses, 2k v-tutorials
  • Design & Photography 1109 courses, 52k v-tutorials

Now I have amalgamated the web design and app development lists, which are closely related but which LinkedIn have separated, possibly to downplay the IT sector relative to Business: but most significantly of all (especially to conspiracy theorists) my email actually told me that there were only 1109 v-tutorials on design & photography. It is only when you click through you discover the error: this is in fact still the biggest sector of Lynda with around 52,000 video tutorials.

Lynda’s business offering

However, 749 business courses still represent a large listing. What do you get when you subscribe? The listed advantages are:

  • Unlimited access to the whole library
  • Expert teachers who are billed as industry pros and as being passionate about their subjects
  • ‘On the go’ learning, with the ability to switch between different devices

The offer is live between 26 June and 2 July and gives you 21 days’ free access. Of course, you will be required to pass over your payment details and authorise the debiting of your account because if you fail to cancel you will be ‘auto-enrolled’ for a monthly or yearly subscription. So if you give the offer a try, be sure to diarise it and make your mind up.

LinkedIn Training

Many people have found Lynda’s teachings valuable so you may well find useful courses that will assist you  personally in your professional development, sales skills, personal confidence and many other aspects.  At Hannon Digital we see it as being complementary to the more bespoke one-to-one and team-based LinkedIn and wider digital training and e-learning that we offer.

As others have commented, the integration of Lynda into LinkedIn has hardly begun yet. Given that LinkedIn wants to get more involvement on the part of its user base, it will surely want to offer courses through its own portals, and to offer a common set of integrated subscription tariffs.

We work with LinkedIn London and we look forward to seeing what this and other developments will bring in terms of the network’s future.