Glassdoor- Total Transparency means No Hiding Place for Employers

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At Hannon Digital, we often (and rightly) extol the virtues of LinkedIn for employers, agencies and candidates – within social networks it is the predominant place to see and be seen when recruiting or job seeking.

But that does not mean that you have done the whole job by posting it on LinkedIn, or searching for relevant roles there. There are also more specific online offerings that in a way compete with LinkedIn especially with its Employer branding , but in other ways complement it.

LinkedIn Training

Chief among these is Glassdoor. Founded in California in 2007, it became famous for offering a venue where employees can post reviews of the job interviews they have attended, own up to their salary (anonymously), and rate their employers, in an online forum that can be searched by anyone. In 2013/14, over 500,000 company reviews were posted. And now, it’s growing fast in the UK.

Enhanced Employers

It earns revenue by encouraging companies to pay for Enhanced Employer Profiles – well, if you are going to be rated anyway, you might as well look your best on the network, and the featuring arguably looks better than that which is on offer from LinkedIn or other social media. Companies can post individual jobs or list all their current vacancies, and seek candidates: and there is ‘The Works’ package that incudes all the Glassdoor offerings: listing, targeting people across all devices, and showing display advertisements.

The UK arm, like its US parent, publishes an annual survey of the Best 25 Places To Work, as rated by employees. Since we at Hannon Digital make a speciality of working with B2B firms, we are pleased to see that in the latest survey, 12 winners were specifically B2B, and of course others were a mixture of B2B and B2C.

Is it working? Well, the network is already posting details on 13,299 companies in the UK, so forget about keeping your affairs secret. While a staggering 411,000 jobs are to be found there.

Case Study: Auto Trader UK experienced a 5000% increase in candidate awareness by posting with Glassdoor: achieved 3 Key Hires: and each of those cost just £1,350 each to achieve. (Compare and contrast the cost of a traditional headhunter…)

We see right through you…

If you were formerly unaware of Glassdoor’s activities, then this new-found transparency may come as a shock. Time, we suggest, for a review of your procedures. Consider these issues: you are being measured by employees and candidates upon factors such as–

  • Competitive branding strength as a potential recruiter
  • Relative attractiveness as a current employer
  • Awareness in the marketplace
  • Corporate reputation
  • The standing of your CEO

If you are worried that you may be ‘trolled’ by vindictive people, then Glassdoor points out that it employs content curators to weed out spurious submissions based on content or whence they have come.

We’ve added Glassdoor UK into the mix of our social media training & e-learning packages: and we suggest that your company, or you as an individual, cannot afford not to do the same. Transparency, after all, should mean providing a clearer view of your future.