Why Social Media Monitoring Matters

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The plethora of social networks and random web traffic make it almost impossible for any one company to keep track of how it is doing without professional and technical assistance: and if you want (and you should) to go further and actually own the debate or buzz around your brand, then you can. Here’s how to capitalise on the possibilities, to improve both your recruitment and your sales performance using SMM.

Social Media Training

Knowing Me, Knowing You

How to make sense of the data and really know what’s going on? Well, there are any number of companies vying to take your subscription and crunch the daily traffic that involves you. Their solutions take the raw Application Programming Interface (API) supplied by, for example, Facebook Graph API, and they also have the same sort of web crawlers and spiders that lurk at the back of Google’s operation. SMM Software doesn’t catch everything, but it is good for monitoring trends.

Some of the better-known SMM software names are –


Meltwater Buzz





The best of these tools are used by specialists like Hannon Digital, on behalf of clients who in most cases do not have the time or the in-house skills to track and interpret the mass of data that is generated. It is easy to spend thousands of pounds on software licences that you don’t then apply properly.

The sorts of measurements that you should want to get out of SMM include:

  • Total Reach (numbers of likes etc.)
  • Benchmarking Competitors
  • Conversions
  • Engagement with your brand
  • Feelings about you
  • Customer insights
  • Sourcing new talent
  • Spotting new business opportunities
  • Market research
  • Product testing and research

SMM for Recruitment

When you need to recruit from the student community, you need to be active on Facebook and Twitter – simply because that’s where they are to be found. But when you are seeking people who are already in employment, especially at relatively senior levels, LinkedIn is essential. YouTube is also not to be ignored – an inspirational video of what it is like to work for you can be a powerful tool.

The recruitment agency Maximum has set up a social recruitment monitor that you can sign your organisation up to for free. It checks your ongoing appeal as a potential employer. According to the social network, it applies different weightings to popularity (fan base) / activity (number of career posts) / interaction (likes, comments, shares of your career page).

For Facebook and Twitter, 55% of the weight is given to interaction: LinkedIn is more evenly spread with more weight to the popularity of your careers page: while YouTube is 70% about the popularity of your videos. (They also monitor Chinese networks Renren and Weibo).

Social Recruitment

Their overall Top UK performer in Q1 2014 may come as a surprise – it is the solid B2B operation, Network Rail, which is engaged in a huge recruitment programme for electrifying the railways and building new lines. It is rated highest on both Facebook, where it posts a massive 15.4 times a week, and Twitter.

Other top B2B performers in the UK include IBM and Deloitte. The armed forces are always strongly featured. Other honourable mentions go to KPMG, HSBC, Accenture, EY, Atkins and Grant Thornton.

Having seen these high-profile examples, if you want to be benchmarking the average for the top recruiting companies you should be posting 6.9 times a week on Facebook and 31.4 times a week on Twitter.

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SMM for Sales

When you are looking to use SMM to boost your bottom line, you can of course use the same tools, but there are also options like Salesforce’s radian6, that bolts onto its core CRM software and monitors conversations about you and your marketplace so that you can react and anticipate trends, configuring your marketing and sales approach accordingly.

Google Analytics is a free resource that is growing increasingly sophisticated in its ability to measure how you are performing, including measurements of your sales conversions and whence they came.

SMM is the essential new component in any market research – it’s instant – and it’s continuous.

Social Media Management

Sales and profitability can come by indirect SMM means. One good B2B example stems from the USA, where Autodesk, the 3D design software company, monitors its many professional followers – and whereas they used to spend many millions of dollars in customer support, they reduced the cost by $6.8 million over 12 months. How did they do it? By creating a web community of ‘extraordinary community members’ that they call Autodesk Expert Elites. These are people who they know (through SMM) are frequent and knowledgeable posters, and they are enlisted to help other customers. It’s akin to the Apple Communities, which have become the default manual for most users.

Social Media Monitoring is part of the suite of services provided by Hannon Digital, and we will interact with your team to keep you always in touch with the feelings of consumers and potential new employees about your operation. From this stems the action that you can take to communicate and influence the debate in your favour. We’ll help you with that too.