How content marketing can help a recruitment agency

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Effective content marketing has been proven to be one of the most powerful ways to attract new clients and candidates online to recruitment agencies. By providing your clients and candidates with relevant, industry-related content, you can engage them for longer periods of time on your site and encourage online conversations which in turn also increases your SEO and brand presence online.

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The recruitment sector is evolving at a very fast pace with the rise of social media along with other digital communication channels. Effective content marketing requires recruitment marketers to think like publishers and think beyond traditional smile and dial recruitment agencies.

Here are few of the many benefits of content marketing for recruitment agencies

Generates website traffic

Google is the most popular search engine and controls the search space with 70 percent market share. However it would be very difficult for your website to appear on page one for popular search terms. For example if you search for ‘Social Media Manager in London’ almost all the top results are either from job boards or social media websites like Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Unless you have huge marketing budgets it’s very difficult to attract your target audience via Google. This is where content marketing plays a very important role. Imagine if you were able to connect to potential candidates and clients before they even get to this stage. In today’s digital age the majority of people like to keep themselves updated with news related to their industry. e.g recruiters may choose to visit LinkedIn or Twitter to get the latest from the recruitment industry.

Candidates are looking for content which is engaging and easily digestible. If your company is the one providing them with this content on a daily basis then it’s most likely that your target audience will consider you as the first choice for recruitment services

Increases brand presence

Spreading brand awareness is very important for recruitment companies to attract new stakeholders. But this can’t be achieved unless you are willing to spend big on paid advertisements. However effective use of content marketing along with utilising social media channels can help your business to achieve brand presence on various digital platforms.

Empowering your readers with regular industry-related content is way more effective than traditional PR activities. If readers find your content appealing then there is every chance that they will share this information with their network on social media websites like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Viral marketing via social media

With hundreds of new job boards and social media websites being created every day it’s important for recruitment companies to have a good social media presence. But it is equally important to update your social media accounts with relevant and fresh content. Active engagement with your community on social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook requires a strong social media strategy.

Recruiters need to think out of the box while posting content on different social media platforms. The majority of recruitment firms make the mistake of posting regular updates related to job openings. So as a tip: Instead of tweeting about a marketing manager vacancy, tweet about the latest news in the marketing industry, link it back to your company’s website with the article and advertise the job opening at the bottom. If done correctly social media and content marketing together can help your brand go viral online.

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Attract potential candidates 

Recruitment agencies put in a lot of effort to get their job vacancies noticed on both search & social platforms. But it is also important for companies to generate interest among relevant applicants and ensure they submit their CV’s for the available position. Like in any other industry, high ROI is important in the recruitment industry and requires companies to ensure high candidate conversion to stay competitive.

Content MarketingNewsletters are one of the most successful ways a recruitment company can reach out to a large pool of candidates.  Now imagine the ideal candidate for the available job opening has been receiving regular newsletters from your website and is following your company on social media websites like LinkedIn and Twitter for many weeks. This strategy would help your company build a positive image among candidates and encourage loyalty and empowerment among candidates. Proactive and planned content marketing can help your agency to attract relevant applicants and in turn lead high candidate conversion ratios.

Online trust is important for candidates when they choose a recruitment agency and online trust requires evidence that the agency knows what they are doing. This kind of trust takes time to build but content driven marketing can play a big role in building that trust and awareness.

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