Who will be photographing us?

You will always be supplied with a qualified, professional photographer.

Why charge only Full and Half Day Rates – why not hourly?

At Hannon Digital we like to offer the best photographic service; paying for individual photographs will often cost more than paying for either a half or full day session. Billing by half or full day sessions means we can photograph as many individuals/products etc. as possible within that time frame. Depending on how many products or workers there are in your office, these sessions often work out a lot cheaper than paying separately.

What if the session lasts for less than the paid time frame?

As we will be paid for the half/full day session, our photographer will be on your premises, editing the images ready for uploading. The photographer is there for your personal use: if you would like to re-shoot or discuss future sessions or have the photographer shoot anything else – let us know, use the time wisely and get the shots you need.

What if the session lasts longer than originally thought?

Depending on whose fault this may be – whether it was the photographer’s fault or the client’s. In the case of the photographer over-running then no charges will be added and it is the photographer’s responsibility to finish the job. On the other hand – if it is the clients who are running over then additional charges will be added per extra hour that the photographer has worked.

What are your most important attributes?

We are able to cover any team, any event, any business whether big, small, start-up, new-build etc. – you name it, we can photograph it. It is important to us at Hannon Digital that our clients get the best that our photographers have to offer. We edit and process each photo individually, no batching. We upload images directly to our clients (often the same day) ready for use across all social media networks.

Do we get the photos on CD/DVD?

We do not offer to download your images onto CD/DVD as photographs are uploaded to your drive to download straight away.

How long before we get our photos?

Your images will be edited and uploaded to your drive the same day of the shoot. We try our best to get your images uploaded as soon as we can that same day but please give appropriate amount of time depending on how many images where shot that day.

Do you charge for travel?

Travel expenses are included in the service price within the area of London. If events/shoots take place outside London, please contact us for a customised quote.

Do you photograph destination events?

We most certainly do. Submit an enquiry to andrea@hannondigital.com and we will tell you if we are available.

Are you insured?

Yes of course! We have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

What equipment do you use?

Our photographers use high-quality professional camera and studio equipment. We use professional lines of equipment from both Canon and Nikon. We also use a host of portable lighting equipment on location shoots.

Are there any hidden costs?

The prices displayed on your website for full and half day packages are all-inclusive (excluding tax). The same is true of any customised quotes we provide to you. There are no hidden extras. We are upfront and honest in everything we do. As previously mentioned, additional charges will ONLY be added if shoots run over based on the client’s own responsibility.

Do you enjoy what you do?

Absolutely! Photography for us is one of our greatest passions. Our photographers have a great love for what they do: their whole world revolves around photography and capturing what others may fail to see.

Can we request specific photographs or poses?

Of course; when we speak via the phone in our official consultation we will go over all the details of the shoot, including poses/backdrops/lighting/locations/styling and anything else that goes along with the day of the shoot. Requests can be made on the same day of the shoot also and our photographers are there to guide assistance with any requests.

What else do we need to know?

Nothing that we will not discuss in the phone consultation. Hannon Digital has a great team and we believe we are very willing and easy to work with. We work on a no-pressure, non-intrusive basis. We don’t try to sell you anything. We have all sorts of other services available but only if asked will we discuss them: we will not try and up-sell any of our services that you don’t inquire about.